Did you find a bug, or do you have an idea for improving an existing AWS Partner Solution? Code for AWS Partner Solutions is maintained in the AWS Quick Start GitHub organization. To share your feedback and code revisions with other builders and customers, follow these steps:

  1. Review our team’s contributing guidelines (CONTRIBUTING.md)).

  2. Create an issue in the Partner Solution repository, choosing the appropriate issue type (bug report, feature request, question, etc.).

  3. Fork the repository and clone it recursively to your computer, initializing and pulling all the referenced submodules. Use the following command, replacing the text in brackets:

    git clone -b main --recursive git@github.com:<your-github-username>/<repo-name>.git

  4. Make your changes. Follow the standards and best practices that are documented in the Build your CloudFormation-based Partner Solution section of this guide.

  5. Test your templates using the tools and techniques that are documented in the Test your CloudFormation templates section of this guide.

  6. Commit your changes in GitHub (refer to the Git documentation for instructions), and include a detailed summary of your changes.

  7. Submit a pull request for the repository’s main branch.

The Integration & Automation team reviews your pull request and provides feedback. If we determine that your changes are useful, we ask you to agree to the Apache 2.0 licensing terms. After you’ve done so, we merge your pull request. Your code then becomes available to the Partner Solution customer community.