Create a deployment guide

The Quick Start deployment guide provides detailed information about the architecture of your workload on AWS, includes step-by-step instructions for deploying the Quick Start and configuring the template parameters, and any additional information about licensing, troubleshooting, and using your product on AWS.

For an example, see the Quick Start deployment guide for Informatica Big Data Management on AWS. When your Quick Start has been approved, we will provide you with a Word file that you can use as a template for your deployment guide.

Include your architecture diagram

Each Quick Start deployment guide includes a diagram that illustrates the reference architecture. If your architecture has many components, consider creating a high-level diagram as well as detailed diagrams that drill down into relevant areas of the architecture. Or, your Quick Start might offer multiple deployment scenarios. In that case, provide a separate diagram for each scenario.

Contact us for a PowerPoint or Visio template that you can use to create your diagram. When your diagram is final, you can save it in .png format and add it to the deployment guide.


  • For services, make sure to use the official AWS icons and labels provided on the AWS simple icons page.
  • Add callouts or labels as necessary to identify workloads, tiers, and other graphics on your diagram.
  • For service names, use the labels provided with the AWS icons. For all other labels and callouts, use sentence case (that is, capitalize the first word only) except for proper nouns.
  • Use background shading with muted colors to separate tiers or distinct areas of the diagrams, but don’t go overboard with color.
  • Make sure your diagram is clear and legible when imported into the deployment guide.