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NVIDIA GPU-Operator Add-on

Configuring and managing nodes with NVIDIA GPUs requires configuration of multiple software components such as drivers, container runtimes or other libraries which is difficult and error-prone. The gpu-operator automates the management of all NVIDIA software components needed to provision GPU. These components include the NVIDIA drivers (to enable CUDA), Kubernetes device plugin for GPUs, the NVIDIA Container Runtime, automatic node labelling, DCGM based monitoring and others. The GPU Operator allows administrators of Kubernetes clusters to manage GPU nodes just like CPU nodes in the cluster. Instead of provisioning a special OS image for GPU nodes, administrators can rely on a standard OS image for both CPU and GPU nodes and then rely on the GPU Operator to provision the required software components for GPUs.


import * as cdk from 'aws-cdk-lib';
import * as blueprints from '@aws-quickstart/eks-blueprints';

const app = new cdk.App();

const addOn = new blueprints.addons.GpuOperatorAddon(),

const blueprint = blueprints.EksBlueprint.builder()
  .build(app, 'my-stack-name');

Configuration Options


To validate that Grafana Operator is installed properly in the cluster, check if the namespace is created and pods are running.

Verify if the namespace is created correctly

kubectl get ns | grep "gpu-operator"
There should be list the gpu-operator namespace
gpu-operator         Active   8h
Verify if everything is running correctly in the gpu-operator namespace
kubectl get all -n gpu-operator  
This should list 3 service i.e. gpu-operator, node feature discovery and dcgm exporter, 2 deployment, and 2 replica-set starting with name grafana-operator For Eg:
NAME                                                                  READY   STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
pod/gpu-feature-discovery-z46kh                                       1/1     Running     0          8h
pod/gpu-operator-5f9dfcb867-ccwm5                                     1/1     Running     0          8h
pod/nvidia-container-toolkit-daemonset-nrb2d                          1/1     Running     0          8h
pod/nvidia-cuda-validator-ln9mf                                       0/1     Completed   0          8h
pod/nvidia-dcgm-exporter-p9n2w                                        1/1     Running     0          8h
pod/nvidia-device-plugin-daemonset-lwbb7                              1/1     Running     0          8h
pod/nvidia-device-plugin-validator-rlh86                              0/1     Completed   0          8h
pod/nvidia-gpu-operator-node-feature-discovery-master-6fb7d9469w4hw   1/1     Running     0          8h
pod/nvidia-gpu-operator-node-feature-discovery-worker-82b48           1/1     Running     0          8h
pod/nvidia-operator-validator-5b7j2                                   1/1     Running     0          8h

NAME                                                        TYPE        CLUSTER-IP       EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)    AGE
service/gpu-operator                                        ClusterIP   <none>        8080/TCP   8h
service/nvidia-dcgm-exporter                                ClusterIP    <none>        9400/TCP   8h
service/nvidia-gpu-operator-node-feature-discovery-master   ClusterIP    <none>        8080/TCP   8h

NAME                                                               DESIRED   CURRENT   READY   UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   NODE SELECTOR                                      AGE
daemonset.apps/gpu-feature-discovery                               1         1         1       1            1    8h
daemonset.apps/nvidia-container-toolkit-daemonset                  1         1         1       1            1        8h
daemonset.apps/nvidia-dcgm-exporter                                1         1         1       1            1            8h
daemonset.apps/nvidia-device-plugin-daemonset                      1         1         1       1            1            8h
daemonset.apps/nvidia-driver-daemonset                             0         0         0       0            0                   8h
daemonset.apps/nvidia-gpu-operator-node-feature-discovery-worker   1         1         1       1            1           <none>                                             8h
daemonset.apps/nvidia-mig-manager                                  0         0         0       0            0              8h
daemonset.apps/nvidia-operator-validator                           1         1         1       1            1       8h

NAME                                                                READY   UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   AGE
deployment.apps/gpu-operator                                        1/1     1            1           8h
deployment.apps/nvidia-gpu-operator-node-feature-discovery-master   1/1     1            1           8h

NAME                                                                           DESIRED   CURRENT   READY   AGE
replicaset.apps/gpu-operator-5f9dfcb867                                        1         1         1       8h
replicaset.apps/nvidia-gpu-operator-node-feature-discovery-master-6fb7d94695   1         1         1       8h