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Backstage Amazon EKS Blueprints AddOn

This add-on installs Backstage.


The add-on depends on the following components: - a Backstage Docker image stored in a Container Registry - a subdomain for the Backstage application - AWS Load Balancer Controller, which will instantiate an ALB to fulfill the Ingress installed by the Backstage's Helm chart; the dependency is satisfied by AwsLoadBalancerControllerAddOn, which needs to be included in the list of add-ons - a certificate for the subdomain, made available by the either CreateCertificateProvider or ImportCertificateProvider, to be assigned to the load balancer - a database instance, implementing the IDatabaseInstance interface and registered by a resource provider - a Secret deployed in the cluster, which will be used to expose the database credentials as environement variables: ${POSTGRES_USER} and ${POSTGRES_PASSWORD}


For a fully working setup, please see the Backstage pattern in the EKS Blueprints Pattern repository.