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The eks-blueprints framework leverages a modular approach to managing Add-ons that run within the context of a Kubernetes cluster. Customers are free to select the add-ons that run in each of their blueprint clusters.

Within the context of the eks-blueprints framework, an add-on is abstracted as ClusterAddOn interface, and the implementation of the add-on interface can do whatever is necessary to support the desired add-on functionality. This can include applying manifests to a Kubernetes cluster or calling AWS APIs to provision new resources.

Supported Add-ons

The framework currently supports the following add-ons.

Add-on Description
AppMeshAddOn Adds an AppMesh controller and CRDs (pending validation on the latest version of CDK)
ArgoCDAddOn Provisions Argo CD into your cluster.
AWS for Fluent Bit Provisions Fluent Bit into your cluster for log aggregation and consumption.
AWS Load Balancer Controller Provisions the AWS Load Balancer Controller into your cluster.
AWS Node Termination Handler Provisions Node Termination Handler into your cluster.
CalicoAddOn Adds the Calico 1.7.1 CNI/Network policy engine
ClusterAutoscalerAddOn Adds the standard cluster autoscaler
ContainerInsightsAddOn Adds Container Insights support integrating monitoring with CloudWatch
CoreDnsAddOn Adds CoreDNS Amazon EKS add-on. CoreDNS is a flexible, extensible DNS server that can serve as the Kubernetes cluster DNS
DatadogAddOn Adds Datadog Amazon EKS add-on. Datadog is the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications.
Dynatrace Adds the Dynatrace OneAgent Operator
EbsCsiDriverAddOn Adds EBS CSI Driver Amazon EKS add-on. This driver manages the lifecycle of Amazon EBS volumes for persistent storage
EfsCsiDriverAddOn Adds EFS CSI Driver Amazon EKS add-on. This driver manages the lifecycle of Amazon EFS volumes for persistent storage
ExternalDnsAddOn Adds External DNS support for AWS to the cluster, integrating with Amazon Route 53
Keptn Keptn Control Plane and Execution Plane AddOn
KubecostAddOn Adds Kubecost cost analyzer to the EKS cluster
KubeviousAddOn Adds Kubevious open source Kubernetes dashboard to an EKS cluster
KarpenterAddOn Adds Karpenter support for Amazon EKS.
KubeProxyAddOn Adds kube-proxy Amazon EKS add-on. Kube-proxy maintains network rules on each Amazon EC2 node
MetricsServerAddOn Adds metrics server (pre-req for HPA and other monitoring tools)
NewRelicAddOn Adds New Relic and Pixie observability for Amazon EKS.
NginxAddOn Adds NGINX ingress controller
OpaGatekeeperAddOn (Currently Not Supported, In Progress) Adds OPA Gatekeeper
PixieAddOn Adds Pixie to the EKS Cluster. Pixie provides auto-telemetry for requests, metrics, application profiles, and more.
SecretsStoreAddOn Adds AWS Secrets Manager and Config Provider for Secret Store CSI Driver to the EKS Cluster
Snyk Adds the Snyk Monitor to the EKS Cluster
SSMAgentAddOn Adds Amazon SSM Agent to worker nodes
VpcCniAddOn Adds the Amazon VPC CNI Amazon EKS addon to support native VPC networking for Amazon EKS
VeleroAddOn Adds Velero to the EKS Cluster
XrayAddOn Adds XRay Daemon to the EKS Cluster

Standard Helm Add-On Configuration Options

Many add-ons leverage helm to provision and maintain deployments. All provided add-ons that leverage helm allow specifying the following add-on attributes:

     * Name of the helm chart (add-on)
    name?: string,

     * Namespace where helm release will be installed
    namespace?: string,

     * Chart name
    chart?: string,

     * Helm chart version.
    version?: string,

     * Helm release
    release?: string,

     * Helm repository
    repository?: string,

     * Optional values for the helm chart.
    values?: Values

Ability to set repository url may be leveraged for private repositories.

Version field can be modified from the default chart version, e.g. if the add-on should be upgraded to the desired version, however, since the helm chart version supplied by the customer may not have been tested as part of the Blueprints release process, Blueprints community may not be able to reproduce/fix issues related to the helm chart version upgrade.